Cattle Feed Pulverizer

Technical Specification

It’s used to grind Spices, Cattle Feed, Ayurvedic Products and many more. This machine is expertise in Grinding Cattle Feed like Makka Bharada and Wheat Bharada.

Pulvelizer  Size Requires HP Capacity Per Hour Space Required L*W*H
12”x4” 3 130-150Kg 5’x5’x7’
15”x4” 5 200-220 Kg 5’x5’x7’
16”x6” 7.5 300-320 Kg 5’x6’x7’
18”x6” 10 400-450 Kg 5’x6’x7’
18”x8” 15 700-750 Kg 7’x6’x8’
18”x10” 20 950-1000 kg 10’x10’x8’
21”x10” 25 1250-1300 Kg 10’x10’x8’
24”x10” 30 1450-1500 Kg 10’x10’x12’
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