Magnetic Destoner

Technical Specification

Magnetic Destoner Machine is designed mainly for removing any sort of impurities from wheat, rice, grain and other such materials. It can kick out mud balls, black stones and other paramagnetic impurities, which ease colour sorter process easier.

Salient Features:

  • Vibratory Feeder with controls provided for Feeding.
  • The high efficiency of the iron separation system.
  • Abrasion resistant endless conveyor belt with a thickness of 0.35mm is provided for the Machine.
  • Multi-stage system up to 6 stages is available.
  • Magnetic Strengths of 12000 Gausses.

Capacity (Ton) Gauss Roll Size
1 to 1.5 Ton/Hour 12000 750mm x 100 dia
2 to 3 Ton/Hour 12000 1000mm x 100 dia
3 to 4 Ton/Hour 12000 1200mm x 100 dia
4 to 5 Ton/Hour 12000 1500mm x 100 dia
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